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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Rall, Tillman, and the Universal Press Syndicate
Sent this email to Lee Salmem ( today. Mr. Salem is the vice-president for print syndication at Universal Press Syndicate, the organization that syndicates the drivel that is Ted Rall. You may recall Ted Rall as the jerk who utterly denigrated the memory of Pat Tillman in his "cartoon".

Mr. Salem --

I recently saw this post:

and decided to email you about the appalling cartoon by Ted Rall concerning a man I consider to be a true hero, Pat Tillman.

I found Rall's cartoon denegrating Tilman to be reprehensible, nauseating, and utter disgusting. I don't use those words lightly.

I feel that this single cartoon should be enough for you to end your syndication of Mr. Rall's strip. You certainly can think of things cartoonists would do to cause you to drop their strip -- and certainly what Rall has done qualifies, doesn't it?

I confess I don't know how, exactly, to "boycott" the Universal Press Syndicate, but I'll be doing my best to do so, and will be posting a request for others to do so on my weblog.

I sincerley hope that you drop Mr. Rall. Such vile hatred has no place in a syndicated comic strip.

Nick Hodges
St. Paul, MN

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