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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

We're the Bad Guys?
I've been reading the blog at 'a small victory'. It's quite good, and really in line to a large degree to my way of thinking, particularly about the War on Terrorism.

I read this post today and I couldn't help but thinking how right he was.

The post is about the beheading of a man named Nick Berg who's only fault, it would seem, was being American. The video in question here shows him being beheaded. The slime that does this beheads him and holds out his head on the video. Let me repeat that - they behead him and hold out his head on the video. You read that right.

Now, let's compare this to what has been going on in the prisons in Baghdad. They behead a guy, we put a guy on a leash. Yep, pretty much the same thing.


What in the world is wrong with these sick scumbags?

Or more importantly, what is wrong with the sick scumbags in this country who fail to realize that we are at war with these people and they must be killed.

I'm livid with anger over this video. I'm livid with anger over the stupid cowards who perpetrated this vicious act while hiding behind masks. (I'd use stronger words, but this is a family blog). God forgive me, but I want these people to burn in hell.

This is a defining moment. If this single vicious act doesn't gel the American people to the barbarity of the people we are dealing with, then we are lost. If people don't look at that and rise up in righteous anger, then all is lost in this country. I hope and pray that we do, but I confess that I don't know what will happen. I have no confidence that people in this country won't simply cower in fear, rather than rise up and decide to kill and defeat these murdering butchers.

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