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Monday, June 21, 2004

Cafe Hayek: Shoot, The Data Speak Clearly
Cafe Hayek does a nice job summarizing a report by the inestimable John Lott that clearly shows that if you outlaw guns, only outlaws have guns. In 1997, England rather grandly banned practically all handgun ownership, and so naturally, crime increased as the criminals of England realized that most folks could reasonably protect themselves. Crime was actually declining in the years before the ban, but shot up immediately upon the ban taking effect. Same thing happened in Australia after their gun ban. What a surprise. Both England and Australia now have violent crime rates that are double that of the United States.

Here's my comment: Duh!

Seems obvious to the casual observer, but not obvious to the folks who drive around our fair state with "Repeal Conceal" bumper stickers.

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