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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Donny and Marie
For reasons I cannot explain, I have had "I'm a Little Bit Country" running through my head. You know, the Donnie and Marie song. It's been a big curse, because no serious person likes that song.

But it got me thinking. Marie, I can buy her as "a little bit country". I mean, put her in a frilly, 70's dress, gussy up her her in a Tammy Baker kind of thing, and I can believe that she's a bit of a country singer. And come on, who among us wouldn't admit to having at least a little bit of a crush on Marie back in the day

But I'm sorry, Donny was another story . That helmet-haired, beaver-toothed insane-smiling doofus didn't have a single ounce of "rock-n-roll" in his skinny little body. The thought that "Donnie Osmond" and "Rock-n-Roll" would even be used in a sentence together is completely, utterly ludicrous. Yet there it is -- the signature song of that irrepressible brother and sister duo -- claiming that Donnie was "a little bit rock-n-roll"


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