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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

The Economy Is Kicking Butt
This columnist from The Albuquerque Tribune, (Jeffry Gardner), has some news for his readers, and he thinks the Bush administration needs to "go positive."
The mainstream media is less to blame for my having to gin up this tell-all than is the administration. The Bush folks are so consumed with "defining" Kerry that they've forgotten they have a positive story to tell.

The economy rocks. The president needs to get positive now. If not for us, then - uh - for the children.
Here, exactly, is how the economy rocks:
Since the first of the year, 1.5 million jobs have been created, and economists project that number may double by year's end. Americans' per-capita income is up. The Treasury Department reports an increase in tax revenues, which shrank the budget deficit by $100 million in the first quarter - far, far ahead of Congressional Budget Office projections.
Gardner makes a great point. The truth needs to be told to balance against the lies Kerry is telling day after day.

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