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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Jay Nordlinger Impromptued again on NRO. The best part of this one was the letters (gotta love the letters). They were in response to J-Nord's essay on Reagan a couple days ago. Here are some excerpts from multiple letters:
"I think liberals were shocked, and maybe frightened, by the outpouring of love and respect this past week."

"I can tell you honestly that I could not have taken another four years of Jimmy Carter. I didn't want to turn the damn thermostat down or put on a sweater. I wanted to fix things. My dad had taught me not to whine when things went wrong. I can still hear him now: 'Get off your lazy *ss and get to work.' Well, I was ready to get to work, and then along came President Reagan."

"I thought recently about the old 1960s liberal-left tearjerker song 'Abraham, Martin, and John.' I don't remember the singer. There was something about 'freeing a lot of people' in the lyrics. Ronald Reagan freed hundreds of millions of souls who suffered under a tyranny akin to slavery and Hitlerism. Shouldn't the song now be sung as 'Abraham, Martin, and Ron'?"

"In retrospect all Bubba ever tried to do was save his own a** while Reagan and W. concerned themselves more with saving everyone else's, even those who despised them."

"But I voted for Ronald Reagan that year [1980] and his victory brought my presidential voting record to 1-1, and I will never discard that wallet and the sticker that can no longer even be read. My record is now 4-3 and I fully expect to open up a two-game lead this fall."

"When I heard of his passing, I immediately thought of these lines from Julius Caesar: 'His life was gentle, and the elements / So mix'd in him that Nature might stand up / And say to all the world, "This was a man!"'"

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