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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Moore gets a dose of his own
Twin Cities filmmaker Mike Wilson is my hero. He's turning the tables on Michael Moore by making a documentary, "Michael Moore Hates America," showing what a pompous ass Moore is.
Wilson says his documentary tries to point out the biases behind Moore films such as "Bowling" and the highly anticipated "Fahrenheit 9/11," which will be released June 25 and which Wilson has not seen. He says it's not only a response to Moore but also to others who have added to "the shrillness that has engulfed the American conversation."

At least three months before its release, the film has catapulted Wilson into national prominence. When an item about "Michael Moore Hates America" appeared on a showbiz Web site earlier this week, Wilson says, he was contacted by nine distributors who want to help book the documentary into theaters.
Wilson says he was motivated by Moore's implication in Bowling For Columbine that a Flint, MI, school shooting was due to a single mom working 2 jobs. mom worked two jobs when I was a kid, and it was like a personal slap to her to say you can't work two jobs and raise your children properly. My mom worked really hard, and she taught us right from wrong.
Wilson tried to interview Moore more than 50 times but, of course, was unsuccessful.
"The closest I got was I did run into him at the (University of Minnesota) when he was on his book tour, and he started screaming at me," says Wilson. The screaming began when Wilson mentioned the title of his film in the middle of asking a question. "It was quite a sight — 7,000 Michael Moore fans, just booing me."
Mike Wilson is a man who must be applauded, supported, and followed. I plan on going to the theater to see "Michael Moore Hates America." Who's with me?

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