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Friday, June 11, 2004

NBA Finals
There are few things are more fun for me to watch than the Lakers getting their butts handed to them.

I vowed not to watch the finals because I think they are totally fixed. And finally someone besides me noticed the subtle ways that the refs helped the Lakers win game 2.

Detroit is a better team. I don't see how that can be denied. They could very easily be up 3-0 right now, save a phantom foul call and a resulting free point and Kobe's shot. The Lakers are simply being out-played and outclassed. They can't get a decent shot, no one besides Kobe and Shaq are doing anything, the "hall of famers" who are supposed to be the ones to get them over the hump look like a couple of glue-factory horses, and they can't stop the pick and roll. Chauncey Billups is eating them alive on the pick and roll. I don't know why they don't run it every single time down the floor. The Lakers simply cannot stop it.

Detroit is going to win this thing. The Lakers may take one at Detroit, forcing the game back to LA, but the Pistons aren't even remotely afraid of playing at Staples Center.

The fun part here -- besides, of course, watching the Lakers lose -- is watching the press go into coniptions over it. They all thought the Laker juggernaut was unstoppable, and they are so wrong. They love the Lakers so much, all the headlines this morning are about the Lakers losing, and not about Detroit winning.

Go Pistons. Make them all look like idiots.

Man, I hate the Lakers.

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