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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Pioneer Press
Guess who I found in the St. Paul Pioneer Press this morning? Mark Steyn! Somebody must have fallen asleep in Pioneer Press offices to let this slip through. Steyn's opinion piece is about Air America (the link is to Steyn's page - it turns out the column appeared in the June 7th National Review, I don't know why the Pioneer Press is printing it now), the left's feeble attempt at talk radio. Here's Mark:
Remember Air America? The brilliant pre-publicity campaign marred only by an ill-advised decision to actually launch the product? The hype was coast to coast, but the station was only in a handful of markets, and a couple of those dumped the station after a bounced check, and most of the senior executives departed after a couple of weeks, which, according to whom you believe, was either part of the original business plan or extremely necessary because one of them was a "former Republican activist from Guam" and thus likely a double-agent for the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.

Many decades ago, Richard Mellon Scaife planted scores of deep sleepers in Guam on the off chance it might get statehood in the next century.

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