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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Pistons Humiliate The Lakers
How sweet it was to see the Lakers fall last night. And not just lose, but lose badly. They were dominated by Detroit. Bye-bye Kobe. Bye-bye Shaq. Time to retire Karl, Gary, Phil, Rick Fox! You're done. It would have been sweeter if the Wolves had been the drubbers, but I'll take the next best thing.

Did you notice the TV ratings on the DRUDGE REPORT? "FLASH: NBA FINALE NEARLY DOUBLES AUDIENCE FROM PREVIOUS YEAR... ABC HITS 15.4 RATING/24 SHARE FOR TUESDAY NITE [OVER 8.7/14 IN 2003]... 51 SHARE MAX FOR LOS ANGELES... 67 SHARE MAX DETROIT... " It seems the whole country wanted to see the Lakers lose. I didn't watch any of the series until last night when I checked the game at halftime - Pistons up 10. I decided to watch to see if the Pistons could do it. So I kept watching, and it kept getting better and better. I've never been happier to see a team lose.

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