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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Will Baptists abandon public schools?
Cal Thomas writes today:
The Southern Baptist Convention - the nation's largest Protestant denomination with about 17 million members - is meeting this week in Indianapolis, and among the resolutions it is considering is one calling upon parents to withdraw their children from public schools and either educate them at home, or enroll them in private Christian academies.
I say, "Do it! The sooner the better." I appreciate the SBC's willingness to take a stand on the Bible and to live by it. Surely, Southern Baptists are not perfect and neither is the SBC, but that doesn't mean that they (and all Christians) shouldn't strive for perfection. We ought always to strive to do what is right.

"God gives the responsibility for education of children to the parents, not the government." Very true. And as a side benefit, the education establishment will begin to squirm a bit as their government funds shrink, as their influence shrinks. They might actually start listening to parents!

It'll be interesting to watch this story this week.

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