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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Blacks and the gay "marriage" debate
World Magazine's blog links to this article by Star Parker. (Wow, there were 4 links in that first sentence!) She is the founder and president of the Coalition on Urban Renewal & Education (CURE). I know virtually nothing about her or her organization but this paragraph from the organization's website sounds great:
With the firm belief that faith and free market principles are key to curing poverty, Star Parker founded the Coalition on Urban Renewal & Education (CURE) in 1995 to jump start national dialogue on issues of race and poverty.
Anyway, back to the article. She rejects the gay "marriage" claim to the civil rights mantle because the civil rights movement of the 60's is powered by their belief in absolute truth. The objective morality of their cause, based on a biblical worldview, sustained (then and now) the movement through the darkest days. That same worldview is absent in the gay "marriage" movement, and that's why "polls show that African-Americans are among the groups most opposed to legalization of gay marriage." She goes on to point out,
Blacks know instinctively that the debate on gay marriage is the symptom and not the problem. The root problem is the implicit delegitimization and marginalization of traditional standards of right and wrong.
She's right. Our country, our culture does not value marriage and parenthood as it should. So, gay "marriage" is just one of many symptoms - illegitimacy, divorce, abortion, suicide, etc.

Here's her final paragraph:
Blacks are indeed outraged and legitimately so. Expect to read more about press conferences by black clergy around the nation and in Washington. Our lives and communities are at stake here. We won't sit this one out.
I'm just wondering how this righteous anger translates politically. I don't doubt that it's there, but it would seem that the closest ally the black community has on these moral issues, party-wise, is the Republican party. And yet it's common knowledge how few votes Republicans get among blacks. I don't know what to make of that.

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