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Monday, July 05, 2004

Kerry the Phoney
Why is it that every Democratic presidential candidate feels the need to remake his image and fake being, well, the kind of guy who shoots a shotgun and hanging around bars he normally wouldn't get caught dead in?

Kerry is a rich, snobbish blue-blood to his very core, and realizing that, he knows that image turns off many people. So, like Al Gore, he dons khakis and flannel shirst and rolls up his sleeves and walks around on someone else's farm trying to look like a man of the people with his erudite, botox-ladened face with his fake smile that screams out how much he can't wait to get back to his luxury bus.

The scary thing is that people eat this stuff up.

One of the things I like about Bush is that he's so comfortable in his own skin. He's a runner, so he doesn't look like a total phony when he runs. He doesn't need to don a costume when he goes to his ranch. (I assume Kerry doesn't need to "don" a Brooks Brothers when he shows up at one of his wife's mansions....)

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