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Monday, August 16, 2004

Bumper Sticker of the Week
This week's Bumper Sticker, spotted on a car parked in my neighborhood:

Mission Nothing Accomplished

The "Nothing" is in red and a different font, clearly mocking President Bush's statement "Mission Acccomplished" when the mission of kicking the murdering tyrant Saddam Hussein out of power was, well, accomplished.

So you read that, and think, "huh?". I mean, what kind of an an heartless moron do you have to be to think that nothing has been accomplished in Iraq? Disagree if you will with the mission, but can't you at least acknowledge that an uncivilized, barbaric regime has been removed from power? People's tongues aren't being cut out, teenage girls aren't being raped, and the Iraqi Olympic Team isn't being beaten for losing. That's something, isn't it? Can't they at least see that and rejoice? Or would they rather that Hussein be left in power, his torture chambers still murdering people, his rape rooms in full swing? It seems that way. It seems to me that the "Mission Nothing Accomplished" crowd actually wishes that Hussein still ruled Iraq. I can only shake my head.

The anti-sticker? Obvious:

Mission Accomplished -- Iraq is Free

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