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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Could Kerry slum it in the White House?
I'd give up an unimportant body part to be able to write have as wittily as Mark Steyn. In his latest, he rips Kerry and Edwards a new one for being the hypocritical elitists that they are. They go the Wendy's to show what "men of the people" that they are, but of course they have a gourmet meal waiting on the bus later. Here's a fun quote that sums up the event:

More telling was Teresa Heinz Kerry. She pointed to the picture of the bowl of chilli above the clerk's head: "What's that?" she asked. He explained that it was something called "chilli" and she said she'd like to try a bowl. The Senator also ordered a Frosty, a chocolate dessert. They toyed with them after a fashion, and then got back on the bus.

"Something called 'chili'". I love that.

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