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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Disputing the War Record
I think something's getting lost here in the whole Swift Boat controversy. Jonah has a great G-file today regarding "the right to judge." I don't need to suggest that you read it.

At issue is not what John Kerry did while he was in Vietnam. He went, he served, he saw combat, he was shot at, he was wounded. Fine. Nobody should be debating whether he did good things or bad things, herioc or cowardly things, while he was there. The crucial issue is how he has represented those 4 months in the years since. "I was in Cambodia on Christmas eve while President Nixon was telling America I wasn't there. That memory is seared - seared in me." Is that true or not?

Did he actually return, under heavy enemy fire, to rescue a fallen soldier? Or was that a lie? If he actually bugged out because he thought he was under attack, realized that wasn't the case, returned and fished Jim Rassman out of the water, that would be fine. Nobody would be questioning that. But is it possible he embellished his record to receive a medal? Well, that's something that should be looked into.

At issue is his honesty, his integrity, and the strength of his grip on reality and truth. Is John Kerry a man of principle and honesty or is he self-serving, calculating, and egotistical? That is a question pertinent to this election.

UPDATE: Today's New York Post editorial says much the same thing - including a little on Max Cleland. They call him, "bitterly resentful, highly partisan and an effective deflector shield for Kerry whenever the latter's military bona fides are called into question."

UPDATE II: See Marvin Olasky.

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