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Friday, August 20, 2004

Former POWs get into the Game
Now this is a really good ad. The SwiftBoat guys have struck back with a more devastating ad than the first one, with POW's pointing out John Kerry's lies about what went on in Vietnam.

The first ad was effective, I think, because it exposed Kerry as a weasel and a liar. But it suffered because it is possible to do a "He said/she said" on it. Clearly, how exactly events transpired in 1968 in Vietnam can be obfuscated and debated. In my examination of it, it appears to me that Kerry was a wimp and a weasel about his wounds, claiming purple hearts for scratches (literally) and claiming to have done things that he clearly didn't do. But the Kerry campaign can obfuscate all of that, and attack the motives of the Swifties and nibble around the edges by finding inconsistencies in the book.

But they can't obfuscate men who were POW's in North Vietnam expressing their views on Kerry's own words in front of the Senate after he returned from Vietnam. Kerry most assuredly said those words, and the one gentleman is correct: Kerry gave the Vietcong for free what the POW's were tortured for not giving. I bet only a very small percentage of Americans even know what Kerry said in those hearings.

Kerry is a weasel, a traitor, and he's not a patriot. That he might actually become President is very, very depressing. I mean Clinton was bad, but at least he never betrayed his country in any real, substantive way. Well, at least not as far as we know.

I don't have any spare cash, but if you do, send the Swifties a few bucks. These guys are real patriots.

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