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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Mark Goldblatt, in NRO today, lays out an excellent defense for the Iraq war. He concludes:
In the final analysis, the invasion of Iraq did more than enforce the conditions of Resolution 687. It did more than rid that country and that region of a sadistic dictator and his brood. These were worthwhile things to do in themselves. But, more importantly, the invasion served notice to our enemies worldwide: If you give us sufficient cause to doubt your intentions, we won't necessarily wait for the threat to materialize.

So far, that message has served us well.
And if John Kerry is elected, the impact of that message will be gone. Regardless of how tough Kerry tries to sound, his underlying worldview doesn't mesh with Bush's big stick. Once in office, Kerry will revert to "diplomatic solutions" and a "law-enforcement" strategy to "protect" America. It didn't work before, it won't work again. That's why Bush needs to be reelected.

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