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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Good News From Iraq
This post from Hugh Hewitt has 3 parts. First, the text of the latest Swift Boat ad - I won't include it here, but it deserves attention. What he did was not just "speaking truth to power," it was traitorous. Second, Hugh shares a wonderful email from an Army captain in Iraq. Here are some snippets:
Or ask my friend Jake who is stationed near An Nasiriyah. In one of his emails to me, he sent me a picture of him riding on a camel and this statement, "Here's me doing some crazy stuff with some of the locals. They are great people and so friendly. 90% of this country are people like these who simply want a safe country to live in." ...

But my favorite story to tell you is the one that Natalie shared. She told us about a convoy that was traveling in Baghdad yesterday and it was hit by an IED. Unfortunately, one of the vehicles was so close to the seat of the explosion that it injured two of the soldiers in the vehicle. A Mercedes who had passed the convoy, saw the explosion in his rear view mirror and turned around to double back. When he got there, he got out of his car to help. The soldiers, all pulling security now as the medic tried to tend to the wounded, pointed their weapons at him, unsure of his intentions. The Iraqi man put up his hands and said in broken English, "I'm here to help!" He pointed to his cell phone in his hand. "Please tell me who I should call for help." The soldiers lowered their weapons and gave him the number to call. In the meantime, another vehicle came up behind the convoy. An Iraqi man ran over to the exploded vehicle where the soldier lay on the ground. With his hands raised as well, he told them, "I am a doctor, please let me help." With tears in her eyes, Natalie told us that he probably saved that soldier's life.
By the way, that second story was shared in a Bible study of which the Army captain is a part. Finally, Hugh includes a story from an Iraqi blog. The blogger tells of his conversation with a member of the Iraqi Olympic soccer team. I'm sure you recall the press reports during the Olympics of Iraqi players' negative comments on the war and America. Well, as always, there's another side of the story.

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