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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Real News From Iraq
This is an eye-opener. We all know that the media is (I know it should be 'are' but I just can't make myself do it) underreporting the good news from Iraq, but here are some details that surprised me.
"Samarra is a beaming success story over here," writes Lt. Col Jim Rose, a Tennessee Marine whose parents live in Old Hickory. "We were getting ready for a take-down there right after Najaf. We told the locals, 'Hey, see what happened in Najaf? Is that what you want? Cause we're coming.' It took the locals about two days to get the bad guys out."
Cool. That's the way it should work - and it is! Here's another:
Rose verified a message I received from another Marine officer in Iraq. He provided perspective missing in the media: "Those achievements, more than anything else - account for the surge in violence in recent days - especially the violence directed at Iraqis by the insurgents. Both in Najaf and Samarra, ordinary people stepped out and took sides with the Iraqi government against the insurgents, and the bad guys are hopping mad. They are trying to instill fear once again."
Who says the Iraqis hate us? Want more proof?
"The Najaf shrine - HUNDREDS of dead women and children were brought out after Sadr left," Rose wrote. "They (Sadr's supporters) rounded them up during the battle and brought them in to be executed. Why? Because they anticipated the Americans would eventually enter the shrine and walk into a media ambush. We never went in. The people of Najaf love us right now because of that. They hate Sadr and want him dead."
That is a story that needs to be reported. For anyone who's been following the war closely it may not be a surprise to learn that Iraqi militia executed hundreds of their own people to score PR points, but if the general public heard it, if it were widely reported, there would be a sharp increase in support for the war. Do you suppose that's why it's not being reported?

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