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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

"We Will Fight"
Look at this exchange between a Democrat voter and John Edwards (hat tip: Kathryn in the Corner) -
But at that gathering he was also confronted by a supporter who feared that he and Mr. Kerry had not batted away Republican claims about their records.

Katie Simenson, 41, a massage therapist, accused the Democratic ticket of letting Republicans suggest that Mr. Edwards had taken frivolous cases as a lawyer and that Mr. Kerry was a waffler and soft on defense.

"They're going to run you right over and make you look like idiots," Ms. Simenson said.

Mr. Edwards sought to answer, promising " to fight every day between now and Election Day" and assuring her that Mr. Kerry "is strong, courageous and he is a fighter."

"And I like to believe I am the same thing," he said. But Ms. Simenson shook her head.

"We will - don't shake your head! - we will fight,'' Mr. Edwards continued. "No, we will fight every way we know how. But we are fighting for you, we are not fighting with these politicians. George Bush wants to fight with politicians. We are fighting for you. We want to make your life better - don't argue with me, let me finish. We're going to stand up - I let you talk, let me finish - we're going to stand up for the things that we believe in."

Afterward, Ms. Simenson pronounced his answer a "typical politician response," but said she would grudgingly vote for Mr. Kerry.
Man, who chose this guy for the Dem ticket? That response couldn't be more lame! "Fight"? They're always fighting. Against whom or what? And, "We want to make your life better." Could there be any more clear statement defending the nanny state? Leave me alone, Johnny, I'll take care of my own life.

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