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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Zell Rocks!
Last night was the first night I watched the Republican National Convention. I watched the Miller and Cheney speeches.

Let me tell you, that Zell Miller just rocks! Why the heck isn't he a Republican? I guess he pretty much is, as he's not running for re-election. That speech was awesome! He was on fire! I loved the part when he just ripped the Democrats a new one for thinking ours is an Army of Occupation, not an Army of Liberation. Cuts right to the heart of the matter. It was truly fun to watch, and I loved it. There are rumblings that it was too over the top, etc., and of course the lefties are going to brand it as crazed and hateful. Screw 'em. If a speech that stands up and argues that America fights -- and should fight -- for freedom and justice in the world doesn't play in Peoria, then we are all in big trouble. Miller was terrific, and I agreed with every word he said. I loved, too, his tribute to the solder, saying how it is the solder that guarantees our freedom to protest, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. The left never, ever, ever, realizes or acknowledges this.

And I gather that afterwards, Miller was on Hardball, hosted by the awful, obnoxious Chris Matthews. Matthews was the one that beat up on Michelle Malkin a week or two ago, despite not having even read her book. Mrs. Malkin has a great post about it, including some great zingers by Miller, most along the lines of "Shut up and let me answer the question". (Mrs. Malkin also posts links to the speech and to the video of the interview afterwards. Miller just rocks. I love a man that doesn't take crap from the likes of bullies like Matthews).

Cheney wasn't as firey as Miller, but I sure like the guy. He just oozes gravitas, confidence, and competence. He's not slick and pretty like the inexperienced John Edwards. He's just capable, strong, steady, and marvelously avuncular. His best line was "Senator Kerry says he sees two Americas. He makes the whole thing mutual --America sees two John Kerrys." The guy is clearly comfortable in his skin, and just a strong man of character. And he does get this marvelous, impish grin when he's needling the Lefties. Gotta love that.

Personally, I am starting to think that Bush will win this thing. Hugh Hewitt has an interesting post about the signs of a desparate candidate, with Kerry already ringing the bell on two of the three. Hewitt also points out that Kerry hasn't done an on camera interview in over a month. At this point, Kerry just looks like a buffoon. (The whole convention waving their arms going "flip-flop, flip-flop!!" simply can't be helping matters). The lefty press will do everything they can to prop the guy up, but the foundation of sand for this Massachusettes Liberal is melting away. As John Edwards asked me to, I've "spent three minutes with the men that [Kerry] served with in Vietnam," and they think he's a lying, traiterous weasel. What am I to make of that?

Anyway, I thought it was a great night, and I look forward to hearing the President tonight.

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