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Thursday, September 02, 2004

You're right, Zell does rock! He was fantastic! I didn't see his speech live last night, but I think I've seen and heard so many highlights that I haven't missed much. But I did see him lay into Chris Matthews on "WhiffleBall" (Laura Ingraham's term). It was hilarious! Matthews was actually cowed into shutting up. "Get outta my face!" Zell Miller is a man.

I listened to Laura's show on the radio this morning - something I look forward to more and more - and she was coming to the realization that Zell Miller was a big hit with women. They loved him because they're hungry for a man who is a man.

Also, Rod Dreher has a great Corner post today. Here's the killer part:
If you ask me, I think Zell just dug up the stinking corpse of the effete Carter presidency, and rubbed it all over John Kerry. On the national security issue, and to a lesser extent the God thing, Zell reminded Reagan Democrats why they became GOP voters in the first place.
Rod Dreher has been added to my list of read-everything-he-writes authors.

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