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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Bush Nails the Target
Some people get all warm and cuddly when they see pictures of their kids or baby animals. Some get goosebumps when hearing stories of great athletic achievement or heroism in battle. I'm among them, I suppose. But me, I also get all juiced up when I hear great tactical political speechs that drop on Leftist, liberal democrats like huge Daisy Cutters:

"After repeatedly calling Iraq the wrong war, and a diversion, Senator Kerry this week seemed shocked to learn that Iraq is a dangerous place, full of dangerous weapons..."

"If Senator Kerry had his way…Saddam Hussein would still be in power. He would control those all of those weapons and explosives and could share them with his terrorist friends. Now the senator is making wild charges about missing explosives, when his top foreign policy adviser admits, quote, 'We do not know the facts.' Think about that: The senator is denigrating the actions of our troops and commanders in the field without knowing the facts..."

"Our military is now investigating a number of possible scenarios, including that the explosives may have been moved before our troops even arrived at the site. This investigation is important and it's ongoing. And a political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want as your commander in chief."

Bush was on the stump in Pennsylvania today, and I grabbed this quote right off of Drudge's front page. Man, what a thing of beauty: perfectly timed, perfectly said, point perfectly made. That is a "Walleye at the waterline" as we used to say in the Navy. I mean he got all the points it: Iraq is dangerous, Kerry is denigrating the military, Kerry doesn't have a clue what Iraq is all about, and he'll say anything to get elected. Whoever wrote that line deserves a serious promotion.

Could this "October Surprise" have been bungled any worse? I love the "Kerry recently discoverd that Iraq is a dangerous place" line. Great stuff. Warms the heart to hear it.

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