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Friday, October 22, 2004

Daschle not from South Dakota!
This is the kind of thing that makes politics such a gas. Here we have a left-wing, Democratic hypocrite (is there any other kind?) who doesn't even legally live in the state he represents! The Constitution requires that a Senator have primary residence in the state he represents, but Daschle, apparently in a bid to save $288, declared his primary residence as his $2 million dollar home in Washington, DC. Now nevermind that the guy is avoiding taxes -- all good Americans do what they can to avoid (not evade) paying taxes -- the real humor here is that he cares so little about South Dakota that he doesn't even want think twice about abandoning it for $288.

Daschle has alway struck me as a phony, and I've always been surprised that the generally conservative state of South Dakota continues to elect him. I hope John Thune beats that phony carpet-bagger. Seems like he has a fighting chance. I saw a charming ad with two of Thune's lovely daughters, and I liked his message. Of course, I'd probably like the message of almost anyone running against Daschle.

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