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Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Debate
I didn't watch the debate last night -- for some reason I find them very hard to watch. I think I feel the same way that a Red Sox fan felt last night -- you'd just rather not watch. I prefer reading the play by play in The Corner and following along on Hugh Hewitt's excellent summary.

Two things stick out to me:

First, when asked about his wife, Kerry started talking about his mother. Yikes. But, I guess you can't blame him. I can't even imagine being the concubine to Theresa. But then when he starts talking about his mother, he tells us that on her death bed she tells him "Integrity! Integrity! Integrity!". That, of course, immediately makes me wonder why Kerry's mom needed to stress such a thing at that particular moment. Maybe she realized something about him.

Second, Kerry's line about Cheney's daughter was really out of line. Totally tasteless and out of line. Stick to the issues and don't get personal, Kerry. Really, really bad.

Other than that, it appears that the third debate was pretty superfluous, although I gather that President Bush finally pointed out that Kerry voted not to kick Hussein out of Kuwait back in 1990.

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