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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Fabrizio Quattrocchi
"Fabrizio Quattrocchi was, in my opinion, a hero of Western civilization. His name ought to be a household word. That it isn't, say a great deal about us." John Derbyshire

Quattrochi is the Italian hostage Mark Steyn talks about in his spiked Telegraph column. In the column, Steyn decries the "the feeble and unserious Britain" in the weeks between Kenneth Bigley's capture and execution. Allow me to point out two gems from the column. First, regarding Bigley's last words,
None of us can know for certain how we would behave in his circumstances, and very few of us will ever face them. But, if I had to choose in advance the very last words I'd utter in this life, "Tony Blair has not done enough for me" would not be high up on the list.
And second, Mr. Steyn reminds us of the noble Quattrochi, hero of Italy -
By contrast with the Fleet Street-Scouser-Whitehall fiasco of the last three weeks, consider Fabrizio Quattrocchi, murdered in Iraq on April 14th. In the moment before his death, he yanked off his hood and cried defiantly, "I will show you how an Italian dies!" He ruined the movie for his killers. As a snuff video and recruitment tool, it was all but useless, so much so that the Arabic TV stations declined to show it.

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