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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hugh Make Good Bomb Points
Hugh Hewitt makes two additional excellent points about the HMX story:

1. The Left is currently touting a story that the bad guys in Iraq had some dangerous munitions but managed to spirit them away for use later and that Bush is somehow responsible. Hmmm. Sound familiar? Yes, it does, to me. If these munitions, measured in tons could be spirited away and hidden, couldn't WMD's that are must lower in quantity and weight, yet even more deadly have been so spirited? Well, yes.

2. And hey, didn't they say this stuff is really, really dangerous and could be used to kill Americans and commit terrorist acts? Yes, I think they did. But I thought he wasn't a threat and didn't have anything that we need to be worry about. Hmm.

And let's not forget the months and months of time that Saddam had with a totally open border to Syria while Bush "rushed unilaterally to war" while at the same time putzing around with the UN while they were taking Saddam's Oil for Food bribes. Months and months and months of rushing to war. So fast that Saddam baaaaarely had time to squeeze tons and tons of HMX out of our grasp. Juuuuuust squeaked it in during the "rush to war".

The whole story simply confirms everything that Bush was saying, and Kerry/Edwards want to turn the totally discredited story into a campaign commercial? Aren't they even keeping up with the news cycle? Doesn't this whole thing simply point to the idea that we should have gone in sooner?

Hugh's right -- this is desparate and pathetic.

The really scary thing is that even after all this, Bush might actually lose to the bozo.

ADDED: KLo at The Corner adds a good point (via Hugh, KerrySpot): In sticking with the silly HMX/Bomb story and running commercials on it, Kerry believe a UN memo over the reports of our own troops.

MORE ADDED: Powerline makes another good point: This has really become a second-guessing of the behavior of our troops in a heated, wartime environment, and there is no reason whatsoever to question their actions.

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