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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Missing WMDs
Hugh gives a nice wrap up of the missing weapons story broken by The New York Times yesterday. He quotes extensively from The Belmont Club which makes a great and obvious point:
... most of the damage had already been inflicted by the dilatory tactics of America's allies which allowed Saddam the time and space -- nearly half a year and undisturbed access to Syria -- necessary to prepare his resistance, transfer money abroad and disperse explosives. The price of passing the "Global Test" was very high; and having been gypped once, there are some who are still eager to be taken to the cleaners again.
Hugh adds:
Throughout the run-up to the war, Frank Gaffney would again and again warn on my radio show that the most telegraphed punch in history was having consequences we could not calculate.
Exactly! It's no surprise that Saddam would hide whatever he wanted with that much time to do it. Thank you France, Russia, Germany, and Democratic Party for preserving these dangers for the rest of the world.

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