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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Some musings on the events of the past few days:

  • I can't remember enjoying a baseball game more. Watching the Yankess get spanked was a true pleasure. Knowing that the Yankees executed the most pathetic collapse in the history of sports? Priceless. I think I have mentioned before that my hatred of the Yankes burns with a passion as strong as the heat of a thousand suns. Given that, I think you know how I felt. And A-Rod is a cheater. If you are going to cheat, and get caught, keep your mouth shut. Don't run up to the umpire and say "Oh, I was just running with my normal stride" when every single person in America can see that you CHEATED!
  • Theresa Heinz (I think we should insist on using her legal name) is an awful, arrogant, elitist, mean, selfish woman. Laura Bush is graceful, polite, and a true woman of character. The irony of a rich, snotty woman who inherited her wealth from her husband denigrating someone for "never having a job" isn't lost on me. And I thought Hilary was bad.
  • The Bumper Sticker Poll stands at Bush -1.
  • President Bush is back up above 60 over at Tradesports set prices based upon people buying "stock" in certain events. Real people spending real money are, to me, one of the best predictors out there. I wish I had bought some stock in the Red Sox a few days ago. Would have made a killing.
  • Apparently enforcing election law is just too much for the Lefties here in Minnesota, so they are opposing a motion by the Republicans to do just that. The utter disdain by the Left in this country for the integrity of the ballot box is repulsive. How in the world can you claim to be in favor of freedom and democracy when you want to treat election law like they do in some Banana Republic? I myself will be spending 15 hours on election day as an election judge, doing what I can to see to it that legal voters get to vote and illegal voters don't. It's not too late to sign up to be an election judge -- you even get paid.
  • I laughed when I heard Kerry was chiding Cheney for getting a flu shot -- Cheney is clearly within the "needs to get one" group. Wonder if he'll say the same thing about Clinton, who apparently got one as well. The flu shot issue is a funny one as well. It's a classic case study for an economics class. The government sets themselves up as the sole buyer of vaccines, sets a ridiculously low prices, and then stands around wondering why there is a shortage. Read Thomas Sowell, you dolts!

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