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Friday, October 29, 2004

Nick's Friday

Thoughts on a Friday

  • Bear -- not to worry; I knew you were kidding. And I couldn't agree more: Looking at a guy on TV and thinking he "looks like a punk" is a completely legitimate reason to dislike a team and thus stand by while a great sports story happens. Seriously. I do that all the time. One guy on the team looks like a "punk" and that's it for me. Over. I hate them.
  • Anyway, the Bin Laden tape is interesting. The guys been camera shy for a couple of years and decides to reappear on a Friday afternoon before the US election. I have no idea what the general reaction will be. I hope that people realize that we are still in danger from the threat of these dirtbags and realize that Bush will fight them and that Kerry will crawl on his yellow belly to France for permission to have a summit that might possibly put out a press release denouncing OBL.
  • Jonah's column is a keeper. And I agree, Kerry's "You bet we might have!" kind of sums it all up, eh?
  • I am really worried about voter fraud. I am going to blow a gasket if next Tuesday I have to sit there and watch all kinds of people vote illegally because the "law" (I use that term loosely - Minnesota has a porous voter registration law) won't allow me to stop it. I just hope that it doesn't happen at my precinct, but I suspect it will. I am trying to get in touch with the local Republicans to see what is being done. From what I understand, there is a plan being set in motion to do something about it, and I want to be involved. Makes my blood boil just thinking about it -- the sancitity of the ballot box is of no concern whatever to the Left. The ends justify the means, I guess.
  • Isn't the "Now they are here/now they aren't" explosives story kind of funny? It's kind of been overtaken by the OBL tape, but here you have a story that pretty much dominates the news cycle for days but that in the grand scheme of things is really, really inconsequential. I have a hard time imagining voters out there thinking "Gee, I was really on the fence, but the fact that the 3ID may or may not have left 0.01% of the explosives in Iraq get away has pushed me over the edge: I voting for Kerry!" Bush's line on it was perfect though -- "...glad to hear that Senator Kerry is finally understanding that Iraq is a dangerous place..."

Have a good weekend, and be sure to volunteer down at Bush Headquarters.

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