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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Power Line
A quote of a quote from Power Line:

"It's sad that a Senator with twenty years of experience does not appreciate Polish sacrifice...I don't think it's a question of ignorance. One thing has to be said very clearly: this Coalition is not just the United States, Great Britain and Australia, but there's also contribution of Polish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Spanish soldiers who died in Iraq. It's immoral to not see this involvement we undertook because we believe that we have to fight terrorism together, that we need to show international solidarity, that Saddam Hussein is a danger to the world.

From such a perspective, you can say we are disappointed that our stance and the sacrifice of our soldiers is so marginalised. I blame it on electioneering -- and a message, indirectly expressed by Senator Kerry - that he thinks more of a coalition that would put the United States together with France and Germany, that is those who in the matter of Iraq said 'no.'

President Bush is behaving like a true Texan gentleman -- he's fighting for the recognition of other countries' contribution in the Coalition. "

Those are the words of the Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski. Brought a tear to my eye. Kerry constantly harangues about needing to have more allies in the war on terror, but he constantly disrespected the allies we do have -- like he totally dissed Poland in the debate the other night. Boy, that burns me. The Poles are a great, freedom-loving people whom I admire mightily. For Kerry to dismiss them so cavalierly makes my blood boil. I admire the Polish President for his forthright comments.

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