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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Re: Red Sox
Yes, Gary, rooting for the Cards puts you on the wrong side of history. You didn't know what that was, so I'll explain. Being on the wrong side of history means that in retrospect, people looking back will think "What in the world was/were he/she/they thinking?!?".

For instance, John Kerry is now on the wrong side of history. Jimmy Carter is now and always has been on the wrong side of history. King George, Jefferson Davis, Carrot Top and every French leader since Charlemagne are or have been on the wrong side of history.

When people look back at the invevitability of the Sox victory, they will quickly note those that blogged "Go Cards!" and those that foresaw the momenetousness and inevitability of a Sox victory and reveled in it.

And every self-respecting non-"true blue" (true red?) Cardinals fan was pulling for the Bosox, so it's not entirely clear that you have any self-respect ;-)

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