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Friday, October 08, 2004

The Security Weasels
The Deacon of Powerline makes a great point about where we would be now if the Kerry doctrine had played out instead of the Bush doctrine.
Under the Kerry-Edwards approach, then, inspectors would have reached the conclusion that Saddam had no WMD. At that point, the inspectors would have left and the sanctions against Saddam likely would have been lifted. The U.S. would have been humiliated, and any chance of leading a coalition against Saddam would have evaporated. Saddam, of course, would have remained in power and in a stronger position than before. Thus, Kerry's claim that we would have achieved his preference for removing Saddam is obviously false.

Worse, Saddam almost surely would have been emboldened by his success to produce WMD. That is the essence of what Charles A. Duelfer told the Senate Armed Services Committee in testimony yesterday, as reported by The Washington Times. It is also consistent with what we know about Saddam. And we know that Saddam had been in contact with al-Qaeda and that major terrorist figures were present in Iraq.

In short, the world's terrorists would be well-situated to obtain WMD from the state most likely to supply them, and we would be significantly less safe than we are today. And we will be significantly less safe if security weasels Kerry and Edwards are elected to lead this country.
The logic is unassailable. Duelsfer reported that "UN sanctions were eroding and increasingly ineffective." So Saddam, with his billions from the oil-for-food scam, was already gaining strength. With a Good Housekeeping award from the UN inspectors he would be free to pursue weapons and homeless terrorists from Afghanistan would have found safe haven and aid.

The logical results of Kerry's criticisms and proposals are there to be found but, because he says so many different things and is so confusing, you have to dig to get there. Journalists, partly because of their political leanings and partly because of the difficulty of the task, are unwilling to dig through Kerry's conflicting and confusing statements to reach their logical conclusions. Not only is that sad and disappointing, it fills me with fear. If no one pins him down he may get away with sounding tough enough to fool the electorate. Lord help us!

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