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Friday, October 22, 2004

Two Weeks Notice
Saw Two Weeks Notice last night. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Fairly clean (most of the sex was at the discussion/implication level. One scene was a bit randy. No one in bed together). It was witty and cute. Sandra Bullock plays a lefty lawyer whom Hugh Grant hires to be lead counsel for his hugh Donald Trump-like real estate conglomeration. Hilarity ensues. Hugh and Sandra are polar opposites, but both soften until of course there is no more denying that they are in love. The real laugher is Sandra's mother, a died in the wool liberal who actually speaks these words during the film "It's immoral for anyone to have that much money." A real keeper.

I like Hugh Grant. I can easily say I've never seen him in a movie when he wasn't good. I've never seen him in a comedy when he wasn't funny and witty and pleasant to watch. I really like Sandra Bullock (I was surprised to discover that she recently turned 40!) She has never, as far as I can tell, ever played a bimbo or done a sex scene, and her characters always seem to be pretty wholesome. Not many Hollywood starlets can say that nowadays.

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