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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Voter Fraud
I was supposed to post this yesterday, as promised, but I'm glad I didn't, because when I popped open Drudge this morning, I saw this


Now isn't that just typical? Claim voter intimidation no matter what, truth be damned. Sadly, this doesn't surprise me. It's a typical lefty tactic. Charge racism no matter what. Charge sexism no matter what. Charge voter fraud, even when the Left is the one committing voter fraud.

A lot of things going on in this country bug the heck out of me, but the one thing that I think stands out is the utter lack of respect for the integrity of the ballot box. I'm going to be an Election Judge this year, and I suspect after I do my two hours of training, I'm going to be rather disgusted with how things work. I suspect I'll find out that even Election Judges aren't allowed to ask voters for proof of citizenship in order to vote. How in the world can we maintain the integrity of the ballot box if we can't even verify the legality of a voter? The bizarre thing is that the Left resists any and all efforts to enforce election law. The reason? Well, it's pretty obvious to me.

I have to believe that hundreds of thousands of non-citizens will be voting in this election, and I don't think it outrageous to say that 99% of them will be voting for Kerry. Let's call it a million extra vote for Kerry and other Democrats. That's the difference between a victory and a landslide loss. Of course the Left doesn't want these voters stopped. Since the ends always justify the means, of course it's perfectly okay to commit voter fraud to elect your candidate.

So I typed "Voter Fraud" into Google News, and look what I found:

Allegations of voter registration fraud rankle nonprofit voter groups
Oregon Opens Probe of Voter Fraud Charges
Colorado to tackle voter-fraud fears
And of course, right here in Minnesota: Stash of voter cards probed

...and the hits just keep on rolling. Type "voter fraud ACORN" into Google News and the list is almost as long. ACORN, it seems, is paying a bounty for each registered voter gathered up by its workers. Apparently, you can get paid for registering the same person

Another aspect here is that the Democrats don't want to play by the rules. Here's a great example: The election office in Palm Beach closes at 5pm. Show up late, and you don't get to register. But noooo, this is "disenfranchising" people. Actually, Florida in the 2000 election is the best example. Following the election law in Florida meant Gore lost. What do the Democrats do? Try to change the rules after the election. Sorry, but that is wrong. We are a nation of laws, and we follow the law. We don't change the law to suit our own needs. In St. Louis, a judge ordered polls to stay open when it was looking like Republicans were goint to win key races. Things aren't going your way? Change the rules! Jeez, even a five year old playing a card game knows that you don't do that.

If you want to vote, follow the rules, register on time, show up to vote on time, an be a legal, eligible voter. If you don't, you can't vote. Now if we can just get the left to understand that.

UPDATE: The Kerry Spot has a good post on some really unbelievable law-breaking.

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