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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Why Bush?
Thank you, Hugh, for linking to us and welcome new visitors.

Why vote for Bush and what's wrong with Kerry?

When Spaniards reacted to their pre-election terrorist attack by rejecting the pro-war incumbent candidate, many Americans responded with contempt. "That will never happen in America," we thought, "we will not terrorized into submission."

But the current escalation of violence in Iraq is our Madrid. The terrorists' plan is to weaken our resolve, to convince the American public that "it just isn't worth it." They know they can't win the war, every encounter with coalition forces is a resounding defeat. Instead, the target in each attack is public support here.

John Kerry won the first debate with President Bush because he talked tough. He was aggressive, firm, and resolute in his manner and message. The problem is, it's a brand new John Kerry, not the John Kerry of the last 30 years. His new toughness is all talk, the President has the record that John Kerry is trying to contrive. What are you going to believe, 30 years of record or 30 days of talk? John Kerry will retreat the first chance he gets - and we will be a nation terrorized into submission.

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