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Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Yankees
Nick, you might want to rethink your admiration for Ben Domenech's blog. I've enjoyed some things I've read there, too, and he's got some cool pictures. But reading this quote was like diving into a Boundary Waters lake in early May.
And they'll be back again. This is a team that's used to hard luck and unfair calls, taking their lumps from crowds and umpires. They're a team of castoffs and has-beens, players no one wanted who were taken in by a loving and compassionate owner with a heart of gold. They've lived tough and hard-scrabble lives with blue collar backgrounds. There's not a roid user among them. Proud and defiant in defeat, the Yankees will put the pinstripes away for a few months, but oh yes, they'll be back to fight again, to fight for their honor, their city and their country.
Now, I suppose we should cut him some slack. He's probably a little down about his team's historic collapse. But, sheesh, "hard luck and unfair calls" and "a team of castoffs and has-beens, players no one wanted"? Is this satire? Ben! (slap, slap) BEN!! Wake up!

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