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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Acceptance
Dick Cheney in today's acceptance speech: "Once again I have delivered the state of Wyoming for the Bush-Cheney ticket."

UPDATE: I just watched Nancy Pelosi interviewed on NBC after the Victory speech. She, like Edwards, was unconciliatory, belligerent, and vowing to stand her ground. She hoped the President would, this time, "keep his promise to be a uniter." Apparently she, along with John Edwards, is unaware her party has just been soundly defeated in a national election. Even Tom Brokaw noted after her comments that she was not showing much effort to reach across the aisle. Hopefully it's becoming more and more obvious to everyone that the nation is divided because the Democrats refuse to admit the majority of the people are not with them and they - the Dems - are the ones dividing the country by stubbornly obstructing the majority's will.

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