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Friday, November 12, 2004

Catching Up

  • Want some good, clean, sensible discussion about President Bush and the election? Read Peggy Noonan. Reading her is like talking to an old, dear friend. Peggy has "two of 'em". ;-)
  • Yasser Arafat was a repulsive, utterly reprehensible, greedy, hate-filled, murdering butcher and I am glad he is dead. I'm quite sure he is not. One won't read of Arafat's disgusting life in the MSM. Apparently you have to go to the NY Post to get the real juicy headlines.
  • I didn't post yesterday, but I wish I had. I missed the opportunity to thank all the veterans of this great nation for their service. It is great because of it. And thank you to all those who are serving as I type. And God Bless the United States Marine Corps, 229 years old on Wednesday. The Corps celebrated by doing what they do best -- killing the enemy, this time in Fallujah. Read this in the Corner -- sent shivers down my spine. I'd have had tears streaming down my face if I had heard those bagpipes.
  • The Corner and especially KLo have been all over the potential Arlen Specter Judiciary Chairmanship. I agree with the fight against Specter -- he's a terrible Senator, and not really a Republican, and he shouldn't be given a position of such power. KLo makes a good point -- that the Democrats are going to play dirty no matter what we do or who the chairmanship is. The Democrats constantly send one guy to kneel down behind the Republicans while another pushes from the front and knocks the poor, hapless Republican down. And the Republicans keep getting up, thinking that the Dems would never do such thing again. But down they go, time after time. The notion that we should do anything in the hopes of mollifying the likes of Patrick Leahy and his ilk is a ridiculous one. (By the way, I just emailed all the Republican members of the committee about it.
  • If the Red States are "Jesusland", does that make the blue states "Satanland"?
  • It suddenly dawned on me that the NHL season is basically gone. I'm actually a bit sad to say that I've hardly noticed.

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