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Friday, November 05, 2004

Comments on the Day
Thoughts for today:

  • The Powerline Boys pointed me to this post by the No Left Turns blog. Good grief is this sensible, excellent post. My three comments: 1. Yeah, why don't you leftie feminists get excited about what we did for women in Afghanistan? Huh? 2. We are one country united in a common purpose: freedom. We are not a mishmash of divided groups. And 3. The economy of this country is strong and growing. Hard work produces wealth. Sitting on your butt does not produce wealth. Mr. Schramm is right: the Democrats have a lot of soul searching to do.
  • I hope that George Soros gathers some spiritual enlightenment in his trip to a monastery. Lord know he could use it.
  • More from the Hapless Loser Department: Right now, if you go to Michael Moore's website and scroll to the bottom, you'll see one of those montage pictures of President Bush made up of a collection of the pictures of fallen heroes who gave their lives defending America in Iraq. As Michelle Malkin deftly points out (if the picture is gone from Moore's site, Mrs. Malkin has the picture at the given link), Moore (who used the graphic without attribution) meant for the picture to be a protest. But the fun part is that clear thinking people are seeing it as tribute to those heros and to the President. I love irony, especially when it gets after nutjobs like Moore.And if you can, do read Moore's "17 Reasons not to Slit Your Wrists". Good for a few laughs, not to mention some really bad statistics. By the way, if you want to send Mr. Moore an email, you can do so at
  • As mentioned yesterday, lot of us conservatives aren't happy at the prospect of Arlen Specter becoming Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Well, now we have a website
  • It sure doesn't get much sillier and vitriolic than this. Ms. Smiley can do the same to my lily white butt as well. (Sorry, but all this hatred and all these insults are getting me grumpy.)
  • My company is among those adding jobs at an astonishing rate. Employment is always a lagging indicator of economic growth, so things have been and should continue to go swimmingly in the economy. Guess the Dems were all wrong about that "jobless recovery" thing. Oh well.
  • I think we should make it a personal goal of ours here at Banterings to get ourselves added to Michelle Malkin's extensive blogroll.
  • I never knew Scott Speicher, but I was part of the FA-18 community and had friends that did know him. It appears that his remains may have been found. RIP.

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