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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Concession
I'm listening to John Edwards speak before Kerry. This guy is not helping. If Dems are really so concerned about a "divided America," why is he ramping up the rhetoric of division? He says they will continue to "fight." Well, what is that except saying we haven't lost just now by a large margin, we reject the beliefs and values of the majority of this country because we know best. And until the rest the country agrees with us, this country will remain "divided." What a load of crap.

John Kerry is being much more gracious in defeat. He congratulated the President. He thanks everybody from the bottom of his heart. (Wow, Faneuil Hall is a cool place.) He thanks his band of brothers. He thanks all the voters who voted for either candidate. "We must find common ground without recriminations or rancor." "America is not only great but it is good." "God Bless America." Very nice speech.

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