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Thursday, November 04, 2004

David Gelernter
Always read David Gelernter.

Today in The Weekly Standard he writes about the election, Truman Beats Dewey! Again!!
The elections of 1948 and 2004 resemble each other in many ways. But there are deeper analogies in play too. The plain-spoken moralist for whom religion matters greatly, the common man who seems too small for the presidency but is confronted in office by a cataclysm that re-creates him; who rises to the challenge and transcends it; who faces a tough re-election battle and wins it; who redefines the nation's mission in the world and emerges a hero--that is a traditional American story. It is Lincoln's story. ... No president matches Lincoln's greatness, but in modern times this was Harry Truman's story; and today it is George W. Bush's also.
He goes on to insightfully compare the two. I won't quote any more (do go read it) except from the final paragraph.
Yet the greatest achievement, now as in '48, is the American people's. America really doesn't give a damn what Europe or the New York Times or Hollywood or the worldwide professoriate has to say. It tries hard to do right, and more often than not it succeeds.
God Bless the American people!

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