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Monday, November 01, 2004

Kerry's Discharge
I've long believed that Kerry's discharge from the US Navy was not an Honorable Discharge. Why else tell the world that all of his records are public when they are, in fact, not all public. (By the way, doing that is called lying). Kerry has never signed an SF-180 which would authorize the release of the 100 or so pages that the Navy says are still sitting there in his record.

Finally it is starting to come out. Much of Kerry's anti-war activities were done while he was still in the Reserves, including the treasonous act of meeting with the enemy, and thus giving them aid and comfort, in Paris in 1970. I would love nothing better than for it to be widely known that this traiterous scumbag wasn't given an honorable discharge.

Link came via the Powerline Boys.

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