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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Musings on Election Day
Well, I guess things went about as well as could be expected yesterday. They certainly went a lot better than I had feared they might. Thoughts:

  • If gloating is a sin, I need to do some serious confession. Definitely a good day in America, and I am most assuredly gloating, despite my shame of being a Minnesotan today.
  • Being an election judge was pretty interesting, though exceedingly tiring. I was on my feet almost all day working the ballot box, helping people get their ballots properly slid into the machine, apparently not easy for a surprisingly large number of people. We had 999 people show up and vote in the precinct where I worked. That included over 200 new registrations. Precinct was 2-1 Democratic.
  • I think I can say with reasonable certainty that there were no major problems at all. It is entirely possible that there were a few people that registered to vote improperly. There wasn't really any skullduggery going on with the vouching system. In fact, I have a better appreciation for it. My polling booth was in an apartment building (Much like the one just off Payne Avenue), and a number of residents didn't alway have proper ID, and they never had electric or cable bills. But, they were able to vote because others could and would vouch for them as living right in the building. It worked well, actually. I can see, though, where the system is ripe for abuse, but I didn't see anything like that.
  • There was a surprising number of people who simply couldn't comprehend the idea of only being able to vote for one person for President. The ballot had, what, eight? candidates, and many people voted for more than one. I'm glad to say that the voting system in Minnesota flatly rejects such ballots. Also a large number of people that have a hard time with the concept of filling out a small oval, and not using an 'X' or a check. These people were told more than once how to do it.
  • Does anyone know who the heck all those judges were on the back of the ballot? Anyone at all? I recognized Alan Page, but that's it.
  • The system of optically-read paper ballots is a really, really, really good system. Having spent the day using it, the thought that anyone at anytime thought that the "hanging chad" ballot was every a good idea boggles my mind. Doing a recount in Minnesota would be a piece of cake. It would be really hard to spoil a ballot, where as if the cards of a computer card system are handled much, they are easily spoiled.. You can look at the MN ballot and tell right away for who the vote was cast. Over-votes (see above) aren't really an issue at all. The computer card system should simply be outlawed. If Florida had had our system in 2000, there wouldn't have been any problem at all in doing recounts.
  • Bush won fairly decisively, I think. Absolute majority and a 3.5 million vote lead. The Electoral College could have looked better number-wise. The map looks awful red, though. Kerry wins most of his votes and electoral votes in pretty much three or four states (CA, NY, MI, etc.)
  • God Bless the Swifties. I admire them for standing up to the MSM and defending their honor. I think we all owe them a debt of honor for standing up against the weasel Kerry and reminding us of the dishonorable, un-American "man" that he is.
  • My one regret: We'll not get to hear Kerry saying "Jhenjis Khan" much anymore.
  • Hillary Clinton must be pleased today.
  • Have seen some chatter that Kerry might end up Minority Leader on the Senate now that Daschle is gone. My guess is that Kerry couldn't get elected to sweep up after a Democratic Convention today. And a word on Daschle. I am really glad he's gone, but Kerry Spot has a kind word which I agree with, and I do remember Daschle's sincere support of the President in the days following 9/11. His politics were really, really wrong, but he appears to at least be a man of some character. (I guess, to, it is easier to say these things when he's been defeated, but there you are.)
  • Jonah is on fire in The Corner. Check here, here, here, here, etc.
  • As far as I can tell, the Democratic Party is a mess right now, and they have a stark choice: Howard Dean or Joe Lieberman. My advice to them is to get Zell Miller's Book, read it, and heed it.

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