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Friday, November 12, 2004

Thank You, Mr. Ashcroft
I can't let Attorney General John Ashcroft go without a warm and heartfelt "thank you." As Jonah writes, "Ashcroft was among the best attorneys general in American history." His record during the arrival of terrorism on our shores has been fantastic. Terrorist cells have been rounded up, terrorist-supporting groups have been de-fanged, and no attack has occurred here since Sept. 11th. If that weren't enough, has performed admirably while enduring whithering and scurrilous attacks on his character and job performance. Most accusations had no basis in fact, and the rest were launched once the truth had been twisted beyond recognition (see Nordlinger's defense from 2002). He endured all with nary a whimper.

John Ashcroft deserves our appreciation and admiration. God Bless You, John!

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