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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Naughty Kids
This is kind of a strange story. Nick, it happened in your old stomping grounds. A Pasadena, Texas, father sold his 3 kids' Christmas gifts on eBay because they were not behaving well. The 3 Nintendo DS game systems were auctioned for a total of $5,300 to an online gambling casino. The proceeds from the sale "will pay for a new heater at Trinity Baptist Church, where the family worships in Pasadena." Also, the 3 Nintendo game systems will be "donated to needy children selected by the Pasadena parents and the church."

I have a few questions. What did the kids do to lose their gifts? What was the value of the 3 Nintendo thingies? How/why did the bidding get so high? (I'm guessing the value of the games was not that great.) Does the online casino really expect to get $5,300 of increased revenue just from the publicity surrounding this story? Weird.

UPDATE: Apparently the kids were "fighting with each other and using bad language."

UPDATE: "The casino has paid about $108,000 for eBay oddities in just more than a month."

UPDATE: Well, this article answers a lot of questions. The value of the auctioned gifts was about $700. The bids were only up to $255 at the time it was written. The family had "family meetings" to discuss the declining behavior of the boys. The threat was made (to sell the toys) and the oldest son challenged mom & dad to do it. Good for them for following through. But, it seems to me there's more work to be done. For one thing, quit spoiling the boys. There was a "second tier" of gifts - a bike, fish tank, and karaoke machine. Good grief. That's a lot of money when you total it all up.

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