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Monday, December 27, 2004

Yuschenko Wins In Ukraine
It appears opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko has won the run-off election for President of Ukraine.
With 99.76 percent of polling precincts reporting, Yushchenko led Yanukovich by some 2.3 million votes, grabbing 52.07 percent of ballots cast compared with 44.13 percent received by his rival.
The other Viktor - pro-Russia rival Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich - has charged that there were "irregularities" and will appeal.

The Yushchenko victory is a great result to a fascinating story. The public demonstrations led to the first run-off being thrown out. The pro-freedom candidate defeated the old guard, pro-Moscow candidate. Yushchenko's wife, the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants, grew up in Chicago and worked in the US State & Treasury Departments (see John Fund's OpinionJournal article). But to me the most amazing part of this drama is the attempted murder by poisoning that has left, for the moment, Yushchenko's face disfigured. I can't decide which is more incredible, that he was poisoned or that he survived! It's all like a best selling novel.

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