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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Abortion Madness
This is the kind of thing that happens when you have legal abortion. A pair of teens, parents of an unborn child both agree to kill their baby by repeatedly hitting the girls stomach with a baseball bat. But here's where the law gets, uhm, ...strange. Though both were willing participants in the act, only the boy committed a crime! The girl broke no law, and indeed, as the story notes, the law in question specifically excludes the mother from criminal liability in this case.

Abortion laws create all kinds of strange situations like this. Consider the quandry requiring us to pass specific laws allowing for two murder charges for the murder of a pregnant woman. Or how about the need to pass a law protecting living, breathing infants who somehow survive an abortion. The Leftists even opposed passing this law!

Abortion is so very strongly supported in many quarters because it give power to women -- there's no doubt about that. For instance, if a man gets a woman pregnant, there is no way for him to "get out of it" and choose not to support the child. He's in it for 18 years and nine months. But a woman can easily "get out of it". Strange dicotomy, eh?

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