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Friday, February 04, 2005

"Normal Service Resumed "
When I saw the above title for Peggy Noonan's latest, I wondered if she was talking about herself or the President. It looks like it's both. Peggy's back, giving the President high marks for presentation and content - not scaring us like she did with her inaugural review. She doesn't use words like "startling", "bad feeling", "over the top" to talk about the SOTU. She's back. And, in her view, the President is back, "This was the plainspoken Bush of old." Her last paragraph had a little for the Dems, too:
As for the Democratic response, Harry Reid looks and talks like a small-town undertaker whom you want to trust but wonder about, especially when he says the deceased would love the brass handles. Although Nancy Pelosi continues to look startled, even alarmed, her comments are predictable and pedestrian. Both seemed eager not to agree with Ted Kennedy's recent "Iraq is Vietnam" statements, which more and more seem not just stupid but scandalously so. Absent endorsing radical defeatism, however, Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi had little to say. They made Important Sounds. Neither seemed sincere or serious. The president seemed both.
You can breathe easily now, all is in order.

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